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What is Prayer and Fasting?

Prayer and Fasting is a time spent daily in prayer focusing on God. It’s when we deliberately set self aside and remove all distractions and seek the Lord in prayer. We refrain from eating and drinking either all day or until a certain time. Fasting enables the Holy Spirit to expose your true spiritual condition.

What is the purpose?

The purpose is to have a better connection with God. When we need a break through or when we want to come up higher in our Christian walk. Spiritual warfare is more powerful when we add fasting to it. Matt: 17:21. Fasting is a powerful weapon in the spiritual arena in the fight against “principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual forces of evil (Eph. 6:12)

What should I do when I fast?

Spend time in worship, sing songs of praise as you empty self and prepare to connect with your heavenly father. Read the bible which is your spiritual food. Feast upon the word to receive strength from the Lord who sees and hears your prayers. Pour your heart to the one who can deliver you out of your situation. Ps. 50 15.

Before you begin worship please have your bible, a journal to record your journey, your hymnal/song book and Steps to Christ.

What do I eat?

If You are doing the partial fast or the intermittent fast keep your meals simple. Fruits, vegetables, beans/ legumes, grains, nuts/seeds (No processed food) cook as you desire, drink water & herbal teas

What to do when I get hungry?

  • Drink - Water will surppress your hunger
  • Pray - Ask God to remove the feeling of hunger
  • Read - The Bible is your spiritual food, so feast on it
  • Call - Call someone and pray, together we gain strength

How do I benefit?

Answers from God come through prayer and fasting. Ezra 8:21-23 Intercession for others is answered when we pray and fast. Prayer and fasting brings us help in times of trouble. Ps. 50:15. Prayer and fasting shows us what is wrong what displeases God. Jonah 3:5. Holy Spirit power comes in answer to prayer and fasting Acts 1:14; 9:9-11. Victory over Satan and demons comes through prayer and fasting. Mark 9:28-29 We are humbled when we fast. Psalm 35:13.

What to expect physically and spiritual?

  • Expect the hunger pains, it will lessen each day
  • The first 3 days will be the hardest as your body adjust
  • You may feel light headed be sure to stay hydrated
  • You might be irritable
  • Your spirit will be tested
  • You may become sensitive to hearing God’s voice
  • Your mind will be refreshed & renewed
  • You will have a deeper connection to God

We have a revival

  • Prayer and fasting brought revival to Nineveh. Jonah 3:4-10
  • Prayer and fasting brought preservation and revival to Esther’s nation Esther 4:12-17

People in the Bible who fast

  1. Moses - Exodus 34:27
  2. Samuel – 1 Samuel 7:5-6
  3. David - 2 Samuel 12:6
  4. Elijah – 1 Kings 19:2, 8
  5. Nehemiah – Nehemiah 1:4
  6. Daniel – Daniel 9: 3
  7. Anna – Luke 2:36,37
  8. Esther – Ester 4: 16
  9. Daniel - 10: 2-3
  10. Jesus – Matthew 4: 1-12

God answered their prayers

  1. Hanna – 1 Samuel 2
  2. Hezekiah 2 Kings 19: 14 – 19
  3. David - 2 Samuel 12:6
  4. Jabez – 1 Chronicles 4:10
  5. Solomon – 1 Kings 3: 5-15
  6. Ezra – 9:6 – 15
  7. Stephen – Acts 7:60
  8. Paul – Ephesians 3:14-20